They’re big, juicy and filled with flavors that leave mouths watering and eyes popping. And after five years, the burger trend is still making noise across Australia, increasing in popularity every day.

While Australians continue to opt for oozing burgers that don’t even fit in two hands, burger experts insist there is always a place on the menu for a traditional offering. Royal Stacks executive chef, Terri Tep told Goodman Fielder Food Service the need and desire for simplicity is making its way back to menus.

“The trend has been stripped way back to really simple, basic food and we are very fortunate to have burgers be one of those foods that is ever so popular,” she said. Down N’ Out creative director, Ben Kagan echoed her comments, explaining customers are now beginning to opt for flavor over filling.

“We like experimenting and doing things that are interesting,” he said. “But people are now going away from the large, over-the-top burgers and going more towards interesting flavors and different combinations”.